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The profession of firefighting is a proud occupation, steeped in tradition and the love of community. You’ll likely to never meet a firefighter that tells you that they don’t like what they do or regret stepping into this career. Professional firefighting affords a tremendous sense of worth, a challenging work environment and a wealthy culture of community. The Northern Lakes Fire Protection District is a dynamic organization, that provides an all-hazards response to a growing community on the Northern part of Kootenai County. The Northern Lakes Fire Protection District is comprised of a variety of professionals, heralding from all over the nation, such as Los Angeles City Fire Department, the Phoenix-metro area, as well as locally to North Idaho. Anyone interested in being part of our inaugural class, please see the minimum requirements and selection process below:

1) Age 14 – 18

2) Must be actively enrolled in a high school

3) Possess and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 

4) Must be in good standing with candidate’s high school

Candidates meeting the minimum requirements will be invited to a physical agility test (Pass/Fail) that will consist of consecutively completing the following:

1) A one-mile run, to be completed in no more than 9 minutes

2) Thirty push-ups in a two-minute period.

3) Thirty sit-ups in a two-minute period.

4) Maximum total time for the physical agility will be 15 minutes.

Candidates that successfully complete the physical agility will be invited back for an oral interview. Candidates will be provided the questions in advance to prepare for the interview. The Candidates will be graded on the provided questionnaire.

Any further information please contact:

FF/PM Mike Cunningham at 


FF Shay Carlock at

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