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It is with great pride and honor that I serve as the Northern Lakes Fire Protection District Training Division Chief. I believe that with proper training and education we can better serve the public and keep our firefighters safe throughout their careers.


The hazards associated with the firefighting profession increase every year along with the need for more specialized training and education to meet the challenges of our growing population and demand for services. To accomplish our mission of providing a high level of proficient and competent service to our public, the District provides regularly scheduled training including fire suppression, hazardous material response, technical rescue, vehicle extrication, water and ice rescue, as well as professional development and certification for our members.  Our training program meets fire safety standards and utilizes the vast experience and talents of our personnel.


I encourage your questions and comments. I can be reached at 208/772-5711 or via email by clicking on my photo.


Training Chief Mike Mather

Serving Since 1999

Northern Lakes Fire Protection District members spend a large amount of time training to maintain their skill set in helping to keep you and your family safe. They not only instruct other members of this industry locally and nationally, they also participate in local and national training to improve their skills and capabilities to better protect the public.

Northern Lakes members are sought after to be involved in internationally recognized training venues

(Fire Chief Riley, top row 1st from left

 Training Chief Mather, 2nd row 2nd from right)


Fire Academy Live Fire Training 
May 2022

Deck Gun Training 10.2021.jpg

Forcible Entry Training
January 2023


Ice Rescue Training
January 2023

Deck Gun Training
October 2021


Mock DUI Crash at Lakeland High School
June 2022

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