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By filling out the form below, I understand that under Idaho Code 74-103 (1), Northern Lakes Fire Protection District has three (3) working days from the date of receipt of the request to grant or deny the information. I further understand that Idaho Code 74-103 does provide that if Northern Lakes Fire Protection District determines a longer period of time is needed to locate or retrieve the information, I will be notified in writing and that the request will then be granted or denied within ten (10) working days following request.


I acknowledge that Northern Lakes Fire Protection District has an established copying fee schedule as allowed under Idaho Code 74-102, as set forth in the District’s Resolution 15-04A Para 3 (a) through (c): 

(a) The procedures for members of the public to inspect and/or copy public records of the District shall be in accordance with Idaho Code Title 74 Chapter 1, Public Records Act. The fees for such services are set forth below:

  1. The Fire District shall charge a fee of .15 cents per copy exceeding the first 100 pages of paper records requested.

  2. The District shall charge the actual direct cost for providing a duplicate of a computer tape, computer disk, microfilm or similar record system containing public record information.

  3. The Fire District shall charge the actual labor cost associated with responding to the public records request exceeding two (2) person hours at the current per hour pay rate of the lowest paid District administrative staff member necessary and qualified to process the request.

  4. If a request requires redactions to be made by an attorney retained by the Fire District, the rate charged shall be the actual per hour rate of the attorney retained for that purpose.

  5. Payment for copies of documents that are readily available to the staff shall be made at the time copies are provided. Payment for services where the staff has requested additional time to provide the services shall be made in advance.

  6. Public records or reports requested to be faxed to persons or organizations shall be charged an additional .15 cents per page.

  7. Public records or reports requested to be sent by way of US Mail shall be charged an additional $1.00 plus any postage costs exceeding a standard First Class letter.

    • Any statements of fees shall be itemized to show: per page costs for copies made for hourly rates of employees and attorneys                 involved in, and the actual time spent on, any public records request.

    • The District shall not charge any fee for copies or labor when the requester can demonstrate their request for examination and/or                copying of public records meets those conditions set forth in Idaho Code 74-102 (10) (i)-(iii).


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